Frisk animation


If you believe in fairy tales, but with a pinch of healthy skepticism, this unusual RPG is just what you need. You’ll get to a mysterious and gloomy underworld full of strange creatures. Some of these monsters are friendly and communicative, others are rather hostile. But killing them or not is up to you. The original battle system will prompt you to start a constructive dialogue rather than engaging into a bloody fight. Otherwise, you can time your attacks to increase damage, evade enemy blows in real time and use special skills to come out victorious. Based on your decisions, the storyline can be swayed one way or another. As a consequence, there are several possible outcomes of the plot. That is, you can replay the game using a different strategy each time and discovering its new sides of the gameplay you had no idea about! Undertale with Frisk is a wonderful indie project definitely worth checking out!


  • Walk around, play
  • Click and jump

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