Chara Battle


This incredible indie RPG will tell you the secret story of the world. Many centuries ago, people lived side by side with monsters, but something went wrong and the two races started a war. Monsters were defeated and banished to the underworld where they have existed without anyone knowing about them for decades. Until a small boy found a way there. You’re going to assume the role of the main hero and try to get out of the mysterious underground labyrinths by communicating and fighting with their dwellers. Each of them is a bright personality, so making the right choice will be hard. You can pass the game in three ways: by killing everyone who stands in your way, by making friends with all the monsters you come across and by selectively interacting with them either in a friendly or hostile way. That will affect the ending of the story, so make your decisions wisely.


  • Walk around, play
  • Click and jump

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