Find yourself in the universe of strange creatures, witty talks, and incredible battles in Deltarune, a new game from the Undertale’s creator. In this game, you play for a school-girl named Kris, a girl from her class Suzie and a mysterious Prince of the Dark World called Ralsei. All together you need to go through numerous challenges, complicated decisions, and dangers to save the planet from ruination. The balance of the Dark World is in danger since the black fountain is now released and you have been chosen as heroes to put a seal on the powers of evil. You will meet numerous inhabitants of the Dark Kingdom on your way. They will try to attack you but you have two options of dealing with them. You may answer with force or choose a non-violent way of communication. Talking instead of battling is the main and the most interesting unique feature of the title. You are encouraged to make a peaceful way through all the obstacles before you finally reach the final destination and save the world.
Unlike Undertale, in Deltarune you will play for three different characters simultaneously. However, your controlling abilities are very limited. The main character is Kris and she is the only one to ensure that the mission will end with success. The team members have different skills: defense, fighting, and healing/sleeping spells. You will have to learn how to combine these powers in a single movement to perform non-violent and efficient actions during the game. Sometimes you will be able to choose other characters and act for them but in most cases you will have to deal with their impulses in a non-direct way and come with pretty complicated strategies. For example, Susie as a warrior (remember, she is a school bully in the real world) will try to attack every creature you will meet. However, if you want to avoid conflicts and show peacefulness, you will have to prevent your group-member from these impulses. Ralsei can put pacifying spells on your enemies, so you can pass levels without hurting anyone.


  • Walk around, play
  • Click and jump

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