Undertale 2


The market of RPG games is quite full and whenever a new title appears, it needs to be special to win the attention of players. Undertale fits this requirement. This game immediately catches the eye with its unusual graphics and interface and gets you involved even deeper when you start following the amazing story behind the gameplay. You are going to become a little boy lost in the dungeons and wandering among mysterious monsters. Each of them has a character and a background, and the dialogues change based on your choices. You can either fight and kill them or try to negotiate your way out by making friends with the creatures you meet. The battle system consists of a series of actions and allows you to deal various degrees of damage depending on how well you are capable of timing your attacks. There is also an opportunity to dodge enemy hits in real time. Killing each and everyone who crosses your path is a sure way to gain maximum experience and increase your skills. But communication can get you even further if you learn to listen. Anyway, the choice is yours. You can play this game either as a crazy maniac or a peacemaker. But don’t be surprised when you see how the Undertale 2 ends…


  • Walk around, play
  • Click and jump

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