Undertale for PC


If you believe that every problem can be solved with words, not by fighting, welcome to Undertale PC game. This exciting game will show you the world of monsters that aren’t that scary as we all think about them. Your character will be a child that found himself in place that is underground. It is filled with monsters and you should find the way how to communicate with them. Yes, you didn’t misread, you can kill anybody, if you are strong enough, but it is more interesting to find a peaceful way-out.

Your main task is to survive, no matter how difficult it is. The sense of the Undertale is in peaceful solution of any conflict, and you can do many actions before the monster is eager to talk with you, not fight. One more reason for non-violence approach is that your powers are low at first, and you can’t fight even the weakest enemies. And when you get to know more about the underground inhabitants, you will see that they are funny, and you won’t like to kill them.

You have an option that lets you interact with all monsters and communicate with them. They will tell you jokes and perform other actions, and you can even become friends with them. You will encounter extra-large bosses that are very hard to win, and you don’t have to kill them. If you make friends with everybody, you will succeed in the real goal of the game, where you can choose your way, either violent or not. Users from all over the world highly value this game for this very ability to solve conflicts without fighting, and you can contribute to the safer world, if you choose the peaceful approach to the problems’ solutions.


  • Walk around, play
  • Click and jump

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