The Binding of Undertale


This game will throw you into a realm of monsters severed from the world of humans, and you’ll have to get out of the dungeons playing for a small child. You’ll meet a wide variety of beasts that you can interact with in quite different ways. The Binding of Undertale features a unique battle system allowing you to combat with random opponents using equipment found or purchased on your way. Killing them will increase your experience points and level making you stronger and capable of fighting more dangerous enemies. You can time your hits, like in Legend of Dragoon or Shadow Hearts.

However, the greatest part of battles is what occurs when the opponent attacks you. Rather than performing a usual sequence of moves where an opponent launches an attack either hitting or missing the hero, you can actually avoid the blow if you are fast and agile enough. The combats run on a flat black plane, with a first-person view. When the fight begins, you will see a box with a heart inside representing your health level and you’ll need to pull it around the screen to dodge the attacks.

Each enemy also has unique attack sequences fitting their personality and sometimes even telling mini-stories. For instance, opponents that like crying will drop tears that will injure you if they hit the target. Every opponent is individual making it a pleasure to participate in encounters like this. You can also skip the fight and try to solve the conflict peacefully. That will open several different ways to finish the game depending on your decisions. So think twice before making one!


  • Walk around, play
  • Click and jump

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